Membership provides you a level of care and access to me that is not possible under the burdensome and restrictive regulations of Medicare and insurance.

They also do not cover numerous important services and procedures.  They often only offer partial reimbursement, and patients are responsible for copays, co-insurance and deductibles.  Those costs can discourage patients from seeing their doctor, especially when they have insurance with a high deductible.  Coming in to see me more often, even when you have no “problem” can prevent small, sometimes hidden issues, from turning into big, sometimes life-threatening issues.

Excellent, intensive primary care, unrestricted by insurance and Medicare, can deliver the vast majority of the healthcare most people require.  DPC clinics like mine have also been shown to significantly reduce the need for unnecessary, expensive, stressful, and time consuming tests, visits to specialists, visits to ER/urgent care centers, and hospital stays.