Meet Dr. Schilling

The Doctor Who Listens to YOU!

Caring for people is a vital component of Dr. Wendy Schilling’s DNA.

Started Her Medical Career as a Nurse Listening to Patients

Starting with volunteering at Glendale Memorial Hospital while still in high school, she saw how small doses of kindness translated into quicker recovery and happier patients. From this stimulus, Wendy jumped into a nursing career first as a Licensed Vocational Nurse, then earning her Registered Nurse license, and finally adding on a Critical Care RN certificate.

Patience with Patients is Her Hallmark

​Throughout it all, patients confided in her – often sharing critical information that they hadn’t even told their doctor! Why? Because this tender soul listened to her patients. But, being a nurse wasn’t enough if she truly wanted to get patients better.

First-Class Credentials in Medicine

In 1993, Dr. Wendy Schilling graduated from medical school at The University of California, San Diego. Venturing to Oregon for her residency at Oregon Health Sciences, she fell in love with the beaver state and relaunched her medical career as a physician.

After 20 years as a traditional “fee for service” internal medicine practitioner, she felt a sense of déjà vu: patients weren’t getting the attention they deserved. Health regulation, legislation, and changes in the insurance industry caused a toxic reaction making it virtually impossible for doctors to spend time with patients and for patients to get appointments with doctors.

Habits, Hobbits, and Hedgehogs

Dr. Wendy’s family is critical to her happiness. With her twins just finishing high school, she is discovering the wacky world of college admissions. Keeping her sane is her love of sci-fi, fantasy, and fiction reading. (Ask her for a recommendation). Allergic to most animals, her hedgehog is the family pet.

A Direct Primary Care Model That Works for Patient and Doctor

In January of 2017, Dr. Wendy Schilling shifted to a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model. With fewer clients paying a low monthly fee that covers office visits, annual physicals, gynecological exams, skin biopsies, she is back to doing what she does best: being patient with her patients and providing careful, critical, and attentive care.
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