Welcome to

Dr. Wendy Schilling’s Direct Primary Care Practice.

Helping all walks of life take control of your health using modern medicine techniques with a tender, personalized touch. *Dr. Schilling offers an LGBTQ+ safe space.  

It’s Time for Medicine to Change for Good

I’ve seen too often patients delay visiting a doctor because of the cost or insurance regulations; I’ve met with patients who have cut their essential medicine in half to extend their prescription, and I’ve seen doctors whisk patients in and out within minutes. That is not me.

  • Do you know that traditional doctor’s push for in-person visits because that’s how they get paid?
  • Do you know that the #1 goal of insurance companies is to make money?
  • Do you see how your health is in direct competition with these objectives?

Direct Primary Care: Focusing on YOUR Care!

Focusing on YOUR Care

Personalized & Preventive Care

Since I have fewer patients under this Direct Primary Care model, I spend more time with you! You get to ask questions, you understand your body and more importantly, together we work on keeping you healthy.

One Predictable, Affordable Monthly Fee

You pay ONE monthly fee for access to me all month long. No, this is NOT insurance and I don’t take insurance, but I welcome patients who are ready to join me in actively taking care of their health without the interruption of health care companies.

Meet Dr. Schilling

I’m on a mission to change the way healthcare works. That’s why I’ve created a Direct Primary Care practice that focuses on improving YOU not improving health care profits!

I believe medicine works best when we have a personal relationship; happy patient + happy doctor = healthcare success!

How Dr. Schilling Cares For You

I saw my patient in clinic and the spouse, also a member but without an appointment, asked if I could listen to their lungs since they were having trouble breathing. This person needed assistance and was already here, so yes, I listened to the lungs, gave a diagnosis and a treatment.