Our Fees

One Predictable, Affordable Monthly Fee

You pay ONE monthly fee for access to me all month long. No, this is NOT insurance and I don’t take insurance, but I welcome patients who are ready to join me in actively taking care of their health without the interruption of health care companies.

Monthly Membership Fees

The monthly membership is a predictable flat fee, based on age and not degree of illness or utilization.  This fee includes in office visits, telephone calls, texts and emails to me, your doctor.

Membership is on a month-by-month basis and you are free to cancel your membership at any time but there is a re-Enrollment fee $200.

$10/month if you sign up with an adult who has a membership




Employer groups with 5+ employees –  $50/month

Please contact me for more details

For 100% home–bound patients, please contact me for more details

In-home visits as necessary and might have an additional charge.

NOTE: Direct Primary Care is not insurance. The practice provides only the limited scope of primary care services specified in the retainer medical agreement. The patient must pay for all services not specified in the retainer medical agreement. The retainer medical agreement can be canceled at any time, provided that there is a 30-day written notice and is a month-to-month agreement, Refund for the current month fees is not provided upon cancellation. There is a re-enrollment fee of $200.

How Dr. Schilling Cares For You

I use cryotherapy, liquid nitrogen to treat pre-malignant lesions, warts and skin tags without additional charges.
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