What is included in membership?

  • Amazing Value – for roughly the price of one non-DPC doctor visit, you get as many visits as you need for two months!
  • Incredible personal attention
  • 24/7 Extended availability – care when you need it
  • Technical expertise – Internal Medicine knowledge & skills honed over 20 years
  • Extra benefits such as annual physicals, EKGs, skin biopsies, and many more
  • Medication Management & a low-cost prescription drug dispensary in the works
  • Access to low-cost lab tests
  • Medical advice and lifestyle counseling
  • Preventative care
  • Coordination of care

Please note:  Labs, x-rays, other imaging, and many prescription drugs, are expected to be available at significantly reduced prices.  Other costs covered by insurance, such as hospitalizations, ER visits, or seeing a specialist, are not included.